Yard Waste

For Clermont County residents looking to dispose of yard waste – including leaves, grass clippings, brush and tree branches – there are several options available. Some cities and villages within the county, including Milford, Owensville, Batavia and Williamsburg, allow residents to place some types of yard waste along the sides of the street for later pick-up by the city/village.

City of Milford
All leaves, weeds, etc. must be contained in paper yard-waste bags or in clean garbage cans to be collected on regular collection days. Each bag or can must have one purple yard waste sticker attached. Each sticker costs $1.50, and the City Service Department collects brush on Wednesdays. To request this service, call (513) 831-7018. For more information, contact (513) 248-5092.

Village of Amelia
After the dissolution of the Village of Amelia, properties north of State Route 125 were absorbed by Batavia Township and those properties south of State Route 125 were absorbed by Pierce Township. Batavia Township’s waste hauling is provided by Republic Services through a franchise agreement and Pierce Township’s waste hauling is provided by Rumpke through a voter-approved waste levy. Both companies allow for the disposal of yard waste with regular household waste. In Batavia Township, Republic Services collects yard waste with your regular household waste at no additional charge. Branches and brush must be no longer than four feet in length and shall not weigh more than 50 pounds, and no more than 10 bundles of brush and branches per week. Yard waste can be placed in your Republic Services trash container. In Pierce Township, Rumpke collects yard waste with your regular household waste at no additional charge. They ask that you please bag yard waste and leave it outside of your container, and place brush at the curb and tied into bundles no larger than four feet long and two feet wide. Bundled brush and yard waste must not exceed 50 pounds.

Village of Batavia
Brush materials only are accepted. Grass clippings, weeds and other similar yard waste are not. Residents can place brush by the curbside for pick-up, which takes place during the first week of each month. Leaves are collected in the fall. For more information, contact the Village office at (513) 732-2020.

Village of Owensville
Curb-side brush pick-up is available by calling the Village Hall at (513) 732-1171. Brush must be bundled, less than 25 lbs., and no longer than 6 – 8 feet long.

Village of Williamsburg
The Village of Williamsburg operates a composting facility that is open on Saturday from 9a.m. to noon from April 15 through October 1. Grass clippings, leaves and chipped brush are accepted. Village residents can use the facility at no cost, but must provide proof of residency. Non-residents may use the facility, but must obtain a permit from village office at a cost of $5. The permit is good for one load of material. Any non-resident who has paid a total of $50 can get additional permits for free. Call (513) 724-6107 for more details.

Other areas
If you are not a resident of the above municipalities and/or you do not wish to dispose of your yard waste with your other household waste, there are other options available. Clermont County residents can dispose of their brush or yard waste at Bzak Landscaping, located at 931 Roundbottom Road in Milford during regular business hours for a small fee depending on the size of the load. To find out more information, contact Bzak Landscaping at (513) 831-0907.  Evans Landscaping, located at 4218 Roundbottom Road in Newtown also accepts brush and yard waste for a small fee depending upon the size of the load. To find out more information, contact Evans Landscaping at (513) 271-1119.

Composting your yard waste is another option. Composting yard, garden and vegetable food waste at home saves transportation and disposal costs, and provides an environmentally sound way to manage waste. In addition, composting can provide excellent fertilizer for gardens, yards, and other plants. CLICK HERE for more information about home composting.

Although not recommended, yard waste can be co-mingled with household waste in most parts of the county, and will be picked up with your regular waste collection. Some villages may have contracts with a waste hauler that specifically prohibit the disposal of yard waste with household waste. Before placing yard waste out with your weekly garbage, call your village or township to see if this practice is permitted. Both Republic and Rumpke require that all branches be cut shorter than four feet in length and tied in bundles with string or twine prior to putting them out for pick-up. All bags or bundles of yard waste or mixed trash must weigh less than 50 pounds.