Multi-family Housing / Apartment Recycling

While the majority of single family dwellings throughout Clermont County have access to curbside recycling, very few multi-family complexes offer recycling opportunities to the residents of their properties. While not as glamorous as new carpet or freshly painted walls, convenient access to recycling is an amenity many residents of apartment complexes and other multi-family housing units have come to expect from their landlords.

Although the costs associated with waste hauling and disposal continue to rise, recycling is becoming more efficient and affordable as ever. The demand for recyclable material has never been higher, and current studies suggest that around 75% of all household waste is currently recyclable. Waste diversion programs are often overlooked by multi-family unit property managers, but an effective recycling strategy has the potential to significantly reduce waste disposal costs.

The Adams Clermont Solid Waste District is available to help owners and managers of multi-family properties set-up recycling opportunities for their residents. Technical consulting, educational material, funding and/or infrastructure assistance may be available.

Interested property owners can contact the Adams Clermont Solid Waste District at (513)732-7744 or for more information.