Hefty ReNew Orange Bag Program Available for Recycling Additional Plastics and Styrofoam

Rumpke and Hefty have partnered to expand the list of items that can be recycled in Clermont County! The Hefty ReNew program allows residents and businesses to purchase specially marked orange Hefty ReNew bags and fill them with a variety of hard-to-recycle plastics, including plastic food bags and liners, plastic straws and disposable utensils, bubble wrap, foam block packaging, and much more for recycling. Those full orange bags can then be placed in your curbside bin or public recycling dumpster with your other recyclables for collection. A complete list of acceptable items for the Hefty ReNew program can be found HERE

The Hefty ReNew Bag program allows residents to recycle additional items that Rumpke is unable to recycle on their own. The specially designed Hefty ReNew orange bags keep all the loose, hard-to-recycle plastics separate from the other materials that arrive at Rumpke’s Materials Recovery Facility, so these hard-to-recycle plastics don’t contaminate the metal, glass, paper, and other recycling streams. The orange Hefty ReNew bags are separated from other recyclables at Rumpke’s Materials Recovery Facility, compressed in giant bales, and then shipped to Hefty to be recycled into new plastic products.

Orange Hefty ReNew bags can be purchased at your local Kroger, Target, or Walmart location. Click HERE to find a retailer near you or to request a free starter kit. Check the Hefty ReNew FAQ page and Watch the video for more details!