Holiday Light Recycling Locations


Recycle your broken or unwanted holiday lights in Clermont County at any of the locations listed below. Only holiday lights should go in the designated collection bins – please do not put bags or boxes in the bins.

Items to be recycled include indoor and outdoor light strands, icicle lights and rope lights. Please do not bring individual bulbs, pre-lit trees, wreaths or other decorations.  Also please don’t put holiday lights in the curbside or drop-off recycling dumpsters.  Lights have to be collected separately from other recyclables because they can tangle the equipment used to sort materials at the recycling facilities.

For questions about this program, please contact Laura Lair of the Solid Waste District at or visit

Fires Caused by Improper Battery Disposal

image of fire in the back of rumpke truckRumpke experienced more than a dozen fires at its Cincinnati and Columbus recycling facilities in 2017 and continues to see numerous truck fires. The culprit: batteries.

Placing batteries – specifically lithium ion batteries – in your recycling and trash containers causes a dangerous situation. When batteries break, they spark fires, putting people – employees and the motoring public – unnecessarily at risk.

Please don’t place batteries in your trash or recycling containers. Typically, rechargeable batteries can be recycled at Home Depot, Lowes, Office Depot and Staples stores. To find the location closest to you, visit