June 25, 2020

Spring Litter Clean-Up Rescheduled


Good news! The annual Spring Litter Cleanup has been rescheduled for July 4th through 25th. Go to www.springlittercleanup.com for more information!

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March 19, 2020

Plastic Recycling = Bottles & Jugs Only


It may surprise you to learn that in Clermont & Adams Counties (and all of Greater Cincinnati), the only plastics allowed in recycling bins are bottles & jugs. Don’t pay attention to the numbers on plastics – if the mouth is smaller than the body, the plastic bottle or jug is recyclable. Some examples of plastics that are not acceptable for recycling are yogurt containers, butter tubs, clear plastic clamshells, polystyrene (Styrofoam), and plastic bags. 

This graphic from Rumpke shows plastics that are acceptable in recycling bins


A Mobile Educational Display Unit shares recycling messages at the Pattison Park recycling drop-off


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February 26, 2020

No Bags in Recycling Bins



Plastic bags do not go in curbside or drop-off recycling bins! Trash bags and shopping bags cannot be recycled at the facilities we send our recyclables to. When bags go to our recycling facilities, they can tangle on the sorting equipment and cause it to break down. Remove your recyclables from bags when you put them in the bin.

Although plastic shopping bags cannot be recycled through our curbside or drop-off recycling programs, recycling your bags is still possible through special programs. Try bringing your shopping bags to a grocery or department store for recycling. Many stores have plastic bag recycling bins just inside their entryways. Make sure your bags are clean and dry before dropping them off at a store recycling program.


Example of an in-store plastic bag recycling program

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December 24, 2019

“Treecycle” your live Christmas tree 2019


See the source image

When the holidays are over, make sure you treecycle your live Christmas tree.

Treecycling is the act of recycling your cut Christmas tree, so that it can be used in other capacities. The trees can get a second life after they are chipped (used for mulch and hiking trails), become fish or wildlife habitat, or are utilized for lake and river shoreline stabilization.

Many communities and the Clermont County Park District are offering opportunities for you to treecycle. But before you take your tree to a collection site or haul it to the curb for pick-up, please be sure to remove all lights, tinsel and decorations.

Among Clermont County recycling opportunities:

  • Village of Batavia Residents: Place your tree cleared of all decorations curbside and the village will pick it up throughout January.
  • Batavia Township: Curbside pick-up is available during regular yard waste pickup.
  • Loveland: City residents can place trees at the curb for pick-up from January 2nd through January 17th.
  • Miami Township: Residents can bring Christmas trees to either Paxton Ramsey Park or Miami Meadows for chipping. Trees can be dropped off seven days a week during daylight hours from December 26 through January 31. Call (513) 248-3728 with questions.
  • Milford: Curbside Christmas tree collection will be held every Wednesday in January, 2018. Call (513) 831-7018 with questions.
  • Pierce Township: Pierce Township residents can bring trees to the Pierce Township Administration Office at 950 Locust Corner Road December 26 through January 10. There will be dumpsters at the drop-off area located near the baseball fields.
  • Pattison Park, Clermont County Park District: County residents can drop off trees lakeside at Pattison Park, December 26 through January 12. The drop-off area will be clearly marked.
  • Union Township: Union Township residents can drop off trees behind the Police Department, 4312 Glen Este-Withamsville Road. The drop-off days are January 1 through January 31. The drop-off area will be clearly marked. Contact the Service Department at (513) 753-2221 with questions.
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