An Abbreviated History of the CECOS Facility

The CECOS International Incorporated-Aber Rd. Facility is located in Jackson Township, Clermont County, at 5092 Aber Road, Williamsburg, Ohio 45176.  The site is comprised of some 1200 acres of which 208 acres were permitted for hazardous waste activities.

The site and facility are located in an agricultural area about four miles north of the village of Williamsburg.    Pleasant Run Creek and the East Fork of the Little Miami River drain the facility.  The East Fork of the Little Miami River feeds Harsha Lake which is the source of drinking water for many of Clermont County’s residents.

The State of Ohio granted approval to Clermont Environmental Reclamation (CER) to operate a sanitary landfill in 1972. Approval to dispose of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) was obtained from USEPA in 1979. A Part A [RCRA Application] was filed and interim status was granted in November 1980  to operate a hazardous waste landfill. On January 31, 1983 Browning Ferris Industries, Inc. (BFI) purchased all partnerships which were merged into CECOS International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BFI. A RCRA Part B Application was filed by CECOS in September 1984.

In April 1990 BFI discontinued all hazardous waste business segments. All land disposal units have been closed. After reviewing additional information provided by CECOS, Ohio EPA, on September 23, 1994 approved a Modified Closure/Post-Closure Plan for Selected Hazardous Waste Management Units and Operations Support Facilities.

The Clermont County Board of Commissioners entered an appeal before the Environmental Board of Review on October 21, 1994 requesting that the closure plan approval be vacated. The Commissioners then negotiated with Ohio EPA to revoke their appeal, if Ohio EPA would require CECOS to submit a revised Post Closure Plan.  Clermont County then submitted a petition to the Ohio EPA Director to modify the Post Closure Plan (see “related documents”).  In 2012, CECOS submitted a revised Post Closure Plan that was approved by approved by Ohio EPA with changes (see “related documents”).  Clermont County has a separate Agreement with CECOS to provide additional monitoring and more direct communication with the County (see “related documents”).