Adams County Recycling Education

As you may know, recycling saves our Earth’s natural resources, energy, and space in the landfill. When we choose not to litter we prevent animals and plants from being harmed.

The Education Specialist in Adams and Brown Counties is Rachel Brown.  She offers fun recycling and litter prevention hands-on activities to classes, businesses, and others interested in recycling education.

Based out of the Adams Brown Recycling station in Georgetown, the Education Specialist job is centered around providing knowledge that helps to understand the how, where, and why recycling is important.

The presentations strive to aid in meeting proficiency outcomes. The information shared with students fits into the class curriculum. It’s a great resource for Earth Day! The Specialist can also help businesses to “go green” by setting up recycling programs at the office or educating employees about recycling.

We thank those teachers and groups who have us back each year and we look forward to seeing you this school year. If you haven’t scheduled a presentation in the past, we hope that you will this year.

Please contact Rachel Brown via email at or by phone at (937)378-3431, extension 104, for information about free environmental education programs available to your school, business or group.

Recycling and Litter Prevention Presentation for Schools

Pre School: This Is Our Earth

Kindergarten: The Letter “R”

First Grade: Sorting & Graphing Recyclables

Second Grade: Making Paper

Third Grade: Recycling Prizes

Fourth Grade: Catalog Beads

Fifth Grade: How Long Does Trash Last?

Sixth Grade:Trading Resources

We also have kits and activities available for a demonstration or for you to borrow for your class!

The Green Machine (pictured above) is our custom-built traveling display used to teach about recycling and taking care of our environment. It can be seen at many local fairs and festivals throughout Adams, Brown, and Clermont counties. The Green Machine may also be available to come to your event or school to accompany a presentation from our Education Specialist!

Recycling Station Tours

We welcome the public to schedule a tour of the Adams Brown Recycling station in Georgetown throughout the year. Tours begin with a discussion about recycling and why it’s important. Then participants proceed to the buying area where they will get to see items the items that are purchased, watch aluminum cans take a ride on the conveyor belt, and get the whole group weighed on our large item scale! After that, the tour continues to the tipping and sorting area to see the journey the recyclables take after they are collected from your curbside bin or community drop-box. The tour ends with a visit inside the Glass reFactory where recycled glass bottles, jars, and jugs are turned them into beautiful sun-catchers that are sold around the country.
Call today to schedule your tour! 937-378-3431 extension 104.
Adams Brown Recycling
9262 Mt. Orab Pike
Georgetown, Ohio 45121