CLERMONT COUNTY TIRE DISPOSAL EVENT: Friday/Saturday November 18 – November 19, 2022

This year’s Clermont County tire collection days will be held on Friday November 18 and Saturday November 19, 2022 from 8AM – 2PM at the Neville Public Boat Ramp, located on Morgan Street, just off of US 52 in the Village of Neville.

DIRECTIONS: Traffic will enter the site from US 52 via Morgan Street, and exit the site back onto US 52 via Coffee Street.

This event is a good opportunity for residents to dispose of up to 10 scrap tires that were accumulated from personal use, illegally dumped on their property, or were on their property when they purchased it. Tires can only be accepted from Clermont County or Adams County households only, meaning no tires from businesses (auto dealers or repair shops, trucking companies, etc.) will be accepted.

A disposal fee for each tire will be collected (in cash) from the resident at the time of unloading. Disposal fees are as follows:

standard passenger car/truck tire $1.00
semi truck/trailer tire $10.00
tractor tire (larger than 4 feet in diameter must be cut) $20.00
rubber tracks not accepted

Tires mounted on rims will be accepted, but please keep them separated from the off-rim tires in your vehicle for ease of sorting at the drop-off site. No additional fees will be imposed for rims. Rubber equipment tracks (from skid steers, etc.) cannot be accepted.

Important note: Residents will be responsible for unloading all tires they bring to the drop-off site – it is recommended that you bring someone to help you unload.

Although the Adams-Clermont Solid Waste District has been able to hold tire collection events at various locations throughout the county for the past several years, there is no guarantee that funding will be available for future events. Most tire retailers and tire installers will gladly accept and properly dispose of your scrap tires for a small fee. We highly encourage you to take advantage of their services in the future when you purchase new tires. Tires can also be disposed of year round at the Adams County Waste and Recycle Station (95 Trefz Road, West Union, Ohio 45693) for only 12 cents per pound.

If you have any questions regarding this event please call Doug Snyder at (513)732-7744 or email at