The results are in!


If you dropped off a strand of Christmas lights to one of the drop offs in the county this past holiday season, you’d be happy to hear that the amount of lights collected was almost double the amount collected during the prior year. Due to multiple collection points hosted by various county agencies, a total of 620 pounds of lights were collected in Clermont County!

The collected lights were taken to Cohen Recycling for processing. First, Cohen removed any non-recyclable trash from the load of lights. Lights were then packaged up and shipped to a metal recycler, where they will be chopped up into little pieces and the copper removed.

The recycling process is different depending on who buys the recycled lights. In some states, the lights are shredded, then separated into the raw products (plastic, glass and metal wire). These raw products are used to make roofing & construction materials, soles on slippers, car batteries, and new copper wire and pipes to name a few.

So, thank you to all who recycled Christmas lights through the special program. By adhering to ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’, we can make our world a little cleaner, a little more sustainable.