Rumpke Now Recycling Plastic Tubs

Starting January 11th, 2021, residents and businesses will be able to recycle #5 plastic tubs in Rumpke’s recycling program. So, yogurt eaters rejoice! Bring on the butter tubs and toss in those fruit cups! All of these items will find new life through Rumpke’s enhanced recycling program.  Residents can now place plastic tubs, along with their lids in the recycling bin.  Be sure to rinse the container and reattach the lid before tossing in the bin.

Like with other acceptable items, Rumpke has secured long-term contracts with stable, regional end users for this material, and with a grant from The Recycling Partnership, they will soon install new machinery at some of our recycling facilities to better sort the material.

Rumpke will officially launch the new program January 11, 2021.  This addition to the acceptable materials list expands the types of plastics accepted, which currently includes plastic bottles and jugs only (disregard # on bottom of container and go by the mouth narrower than container rule).  You can find a full list of the accepted recyclable materials here.