2021 Tire Amnesty Days – 9/24 & 9/25 8am-1pm

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Every year, The Adams-Clermont Solid Waste District applies for funding for tire amnesty days through the Ohio EPA’s Recycle Ohio Community & Litter Grant program. We are please to announce that a grant was awarded for the 2021-2022 grant cycle. This year’s tire collection days will be held on Friday September 24 and Saturday September 25 from 8AM – 1PM in Jackson Township, 3341 US Highway 50, Williamsburg, Ohio. This is a wonderful opportunity for residents to dispose of scrap tires that were accumulated from personal use, illegally dumped on their property, or were on their property when they purchased it. Per the grant guidelines: tires can be accepted from Clermont County households only, meaning no tires from businesses (auto dealers or repair shops, trucking companies, etc.) can be accepted. A disposal fee of only $1.00 per tire will be collected from the resident at the time of unloading. Residents will be responsible for unloading all tires they bring to the drop-off site. Tires mounted on rims will be accepted, but please keep them separated from the off-rim tires in your vehicle for ease of sorting at the drop-off site. Tires with an an outside diameter of four feet or larger (like some tractor tires) cannot be accepted unless they are cut into smaller pieces prior to drop-off. Rubber equipment tracks (from skid steers, etc.) cannot be accepted. If you have more than 10 tires to dispose of, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page prior to the event for assistance.

If you need to dispose of your tires at any other time, please contact a tire retailer near you. Most tire retailers (such as Tire Discounters, Firestone, Wal-Mart) charge around $3.50/tire for proper disposal. For a list of other places to take your tires year round, see our Recycling Search Tree.

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Tire Collection 2021
Please fill out form if you have more than 10 tires. We’ll place you on a list. At the event just tell us your name when you arrive.