Water Quality Reports

OEQ collects water quality data to assist in making management decisions and pinpointing pollution problems. The data are typically presented to a group of scientists from USEPA, USACE, and OEPA every two months. These presentations can be found below. Water quality reports primarily describe the chemical and physical health of the county’s water resources. For Biological Reports, click here.

East Fork Water Quality Meeting 8/24/2017

2016 Clermont County Drinking Water Quality Report

East Fork Water Quality Meeting 5/23/2017

East Fork Water Quality Meeting 3/02/2017

East Fork Water Quality Meeting 11/3/2016

Agricultural BMP 2014 Summary

2011-2012 Data Summary

2013 Newtonsville Bacteria Sampling

Dam Removal Projects

Prior to 2012, OEQ published all data collected in annual reports which can be found below.

2005 Water Quality Report

2006 Water Quality Report

2007 Water Quality Report

2008 Water Quality Report

2009 Water Quality Report

2010 Water Quality Report

2011 Water Quality Report